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After more than a decade living and working in Vietnam, Vietnam strip of land has never been so close and beloved to me, the land and people have always reminded me of homeland in Korea since childhood.
     And also more than 20 years in trading high-tech equipments, I always desire to bring to Vietnam the most advanced technology. It is the technology of stem cells; smart technology for healthcare; green technology for the environment and saving energy such as LED light and EURO 4 engine (D4CB) ... 
    Our development foundation is human-centered, we will not stop expanding and developing to bring to Vietnam the most modern and friendly products. To modern technology will no longer be a luxury service anymore, which should be an essential service!
My aspiration and VKIC would not perform without the interest of customers, we cherish and respect very opportunity to cooperate and share with you for tomorrow "Modern technology will be in Vietnamese hands "!
                                                                                                 Best regards,
                                                                                               Yang Jae Kwan - C.E.O


Support 24/7
High-tech products, genuine warranty, dedicated service including holidays and weekend.
Genuine warranty
Be exclusive representative of manufacture in Viet Nam, we are not only the trading representative but also the service centre with professional & friendly engineers trained by manufactures.
Exclusive distributor in Vietnam
The products provided by VKIC come from the most prestigious brands in their field. As an exclusive distributor, we will ensure that products are supplied in accordance with quality standards and specifications.
Medical equipment

Medical equipment

We are the exclusive distributor of famous brands from Korea, Japan and Europe. In healthcare sector, we focus on new technology products such as SteamCell; Smart Hospital; Image diagnosis with mobile CT; E.S.W.L and one-way CSSD department.
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LED Lighting

LED Lighting

LEDs today are gradually replacing the old light bulbs because of the environmental friendliness, cold light, fuel economy, long  life expectancy. FOCUS with LED factory system in Korea, China, Vietnam will provide to you good quality products.
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The 5th National Conference on Stem Cells
Date 18/07/2019

The 5th National Conference on Stem Cells

Morning of April 23, 2019, the 5th National Conference on Stem Cells officially opened in Hanoi.
Date 14/06/2019


25th Vietnam Medi Pharm Expo  –  Accompanying with enterprise in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Medical equipment and Healthcare.


We are distributor, exclusive dealer of below brands: